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Pet Pack is the only company in Australia to provide vet websites that measure how many phone calls the site generates and to do it for the lowest cost.
Using our VetLab process – where we test and measure with 4 live clinic sites – we know the performance of the sites and how to improve their profitability.
Our focus is maximising the phone calls generated and doing it at the lowest cost.
Currently, VetLab clinics are producing 100 calls per month at a cost of $5/call. Comparative call generation services charge $30/call.


VetLab websites produce measureable amounts of new business and are highly profitable. If you’re interested in knowing what your website is doing for your business, VetLab is for you.

Benefits include

  • Tested in a laboratory environment
  • Measurable new business
  • Easy to manage
  • Cost effective
  • Attract prospective clients (traffic generation)
  • Engage that traffic
  • Get a high % of the traffic to call from the website (conversion)

Traffic generation

Your clinic website must be found online by consumers. The important part is to understand what consumers are searching for. For example – vets like to talk about “puppy preschool” but consumers don’t – they search for “dog training”. If you target “dog training” you’ll get more traffic.

The next step is what tool you use to attract the traffic. We focus on Google – it accounts for 97% of the traffic you will receive.

To get traffic in Google there are two areas to focus on:

AdWords – these are paid ads provided by Google. For an optimally performing site, this will account for around 20% of your traffic. It is highly cost effective.

Organic Search – this is the unpaid area of Google. Efforts to improve search results here are called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). To boost your search results here there are several things to do:

  • Get the site set up correctly in terms of SEO – this is done as part of the site set up
  • Add regular new content to the site that is original and relevant to your business and what your consumers are looking for. The ideal way to do this is to add the blog module and add a new article every month
  • Depending on how your site is performing in this area for key words, we may recommend an external SEO program to boost your results.

(if you are using the Email Newsletter service, link every edition to the website – this will result in approx. 100 of your existing clients visiting the site every month)

Site traffic may start off low for brand new sites and will build over time. We will advise if further work to boost traffic is worthwhile.

How to convert traffic to phone calls

When a new person visits your site, you want them to call you. It’s a little known fact that most traffic that comes to the website does not call and is lost.

At Pet Pack we are working constantly to improve this situation through our VetLab process. For example, in a recent VetLab test, we improved the conversion of traffic to calls by 54%. This then reduces your cost per phone call, which is what it’s all about.

You benefit from this as VetLab improvements are made available to your site.

When the pet owner calls you, you have the opportunity to book an appointment. Average clinics book appointments for 50% of the calls, top performing clinics at 90%. To improve your stats, look at doing front desk sales training.


You will receive regular reports to summarise the phone calls produced and the cost per call. More detailed reports are available upon request.

Please contact our office for current pricing on or call  03 9866 2212


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