NEW Large Animal Newsletter

NEW Large Animal Monthly Newsletter

Our standard newsletter is focused on small animal content and helping pet owners do more with their vets. We are excited to announce that we are moving further into the livestock sector and engaging farmers by delivering them seasonally relevant information on a monthly basis. This newsletter service helps to maintain the veterinarian’s role as the primary source of information regarding both companion animals and herd health matters on farms.   

We have been looking at the most effective means of conveying information to farmers. Currently we are implementing a system of delivering production animal content in a dedicated newsletter, completely separate to the small animal content. It has performed well, with remarkable open rates around 30-40%. As a comparison, Dairy Australia are satisfied with a 25% open rate.

See an example of the large animal newsletter by clicking here 


Options for mixed animal practitioners

1 – Have separate large and small animal newsletters. Horses may be included into either or both.

  1. The small animal newsletter goes out at the start of every month.
  2. The large animal newsletter goes out at the middle of every month.
  3. Your whole client base receives the small animal newsletter, however only the large animal clients will receive the large animal newsletter.

2 – Combination of articles - both small and large animals - to be sent at the start of every month.

About our authors

Matt Petersen leads a team of writers to produce our Large Animal Newsletter. Matt is one of Australia's leading veterinary writers - his expertise lies in being able to convey complex production animal info to clients in a way that is engaging and useful.

Matt has found in his own practice that the Large Animal Newsletter makes a big difference - particularly in helping prompt farmers to ask questions about key topics - leading to an increase in sales.


We are able to report open rates, bounce rates, click through rates and unsubscribe rates upon request.

Other Newsletter Types

We do have the capability to set up specialised monthly newsletters for other species. Please enquire by calling the office on 03 9866 2212 or emailing  . To see an example click here.

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