Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords Campaign


Google AdWords is a highly cost effective way to increase traffic to your website. With a correctly set up campaign, you can expect to get a traffic boost of around 20% (stats from VetLab test sites 2013)

Benefits of AdWords:

- Increase traffic to clinic websites

- Provide info on key words that are working to attract traffic

- Cost of the advertising is controlled by you

- Performance reports

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• What Pet Pack set up for you:

- Keyword Generation - based on client input

- Removal of irrelevant keywords based on prior key word research

- Creation of AdWords account

- Setting up new campaign and configuration of new account and ad groups

- Copywriting multiple advertisements for each adgroup to be tested

- Monitoring for 2 days after account advertising starts - this is to ensure everything is running smoothly.

- 2 Week evaluation: check to measure level of impressions on the clinic website. If there is enough to start making decisions, a review will take place. If not, the account will be checked weekly until enough impressions are reached for a review, up to one month.

- Review - each ad group will be reviewed, all under-performing ads will be removed. Top 1 - 3 performing ads will remain in rotation. Any poor performing keywords will also be removed.

- Management report with results and necessary changes that have been made as well as any recommendations

• Monthly maintenance – to ensure AdWords campaign is operating

• Recommend 6 monthly management review by AdWords expert at $165/hour (estimate 1hr)

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