Automated Pet Care Reminders

Automated Pet Care Reminders

Email Reminders provide an automated system to ensure your clients are reminded for every dose of every treatment that you recommend.

We created Reminders when surveyed pet owners said, “We need help giving medications – we’re not sure what to give and when”. We also knew that compliance rates were poor. We went looking for an answer and came up with Email Reminders.

Originally devised for monthly and 3 monthly parasite control, it now provides reminders for any treatment you may like to add.

The image on the right is an example of the Email Reminders.


What do pet owners think?

"OMG, that's exactly what I need!" Katie P, VIC with 8 week old Groodle Billy

Pet owners become dependent on Reminders. They make a significant difference to compliance levels and increase spend at the clinic.

Reminder benefits:

- Cost effective

- Easy to operate

- Remind for every dose

- Positive ROI

- Clients become dependent on them, builds client loyalty


Every pet owner that uses the Newsletter and Reminder service spends on average $124 extra at the clinic.

For a vet using Pet Pack with 500 emails, the ROI for every $1 spent is $11.50.

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