What our clients say

Here are some testimonials from vets who use our service and pet owners who receive it


Website Testimonial

I use a Pet Pack website because it generates new clients at a cost that is way below anything else we’ve tried. Pet Pack generates phone calls at half the cost of the nearest competition.

I appreciate the work that Pet Pack has done - to systematically test and measure improvements to our online marketing in order to maximise the phone calls we receive and reduce the cost.

The email newsletter is an essential tool in building strong client relations. Pet owners that receive the newsletter look after their animals better and spend more at the clinic.

Steve Pryor, Eltham Veterinary Practice, May 2013


Facebook Testimonial

Having recently attended a webinar hosted by Petpack, it became apparent that as a practice we were missing out on the vital marketing opportunities Facebook presents. Like all veterinary business owners and managers we are time poor and also determined that the hard earned dollars we invest in marketing, are well invested. As such we were unwilling to solely delegate the task of managing facebook to one of our younger and more technically savvy staff members and then simply let it "go". Although Facebook is managed and driven by an enthusiastic and highly competent nurse in our practice (and all staff have an opportunity to collect and suggest content), having brought Petpack on board to help us manage and build "our profile" and has ensured a professionally driven, highly valuable and measurable marketing tool. Petpack continue to be a valued partner in an area where most of us have some exposure or experience but not to the same level of expertise and overall market insight.

Lisa Scheepers , Port Adelaide vets, June 2013


Newsletter Testimonial

We get an immediate response from our clients to the Newsletter. It's quite incredible.

Dr Jim Thompson, Turramurra Vet Hospital, 2013

The newsletter is helping me sell more products and services. The other day I had a client in who is heading down the coast for Christmas. I have been talking about ticks in the newsletter and blog - and she said, "Yes, I've read about it in the newsletter and the blog". As a result, the consult was easier, she has all the prevention she needs and because she's better informed, she's more likely to comply with the treatment. That's a win for both of us.

Amanda Nott of Inner South Veterinary Centre, 2013


Vet Testimonial

Chris Blair, Pet Friends Vet Hospitals, June 2013

I really need the PP support - looking after me is like looking after a messy 4 yr old. I've got so much to do that if I don't get the support, it won't happen. Jen, Grace and Marnie are terrific, so are you James


Pet Owner Testimonial

Pet Pack Newsletter, February 2010

"Thanks for the item on 'always itching'. My 12 year old maltese/bichon cross suffers badly from this. He is currently fed the Hills l/d diet canned food although he does sometimes get steak and lamb as a treat. His feet are constantly stained brown from licking even though I use the Alloween brand of shampoo. Any help you can suggest?"


Altona Veterinary Clinic Website, May 2010

"Hi, Like your web site. Got a letter for Leo to make an appointment for his vaccination, overdue."

Highton Veterinary Clinic Newsletter, March 2010

"Thank you, love receiving the newsletter!"


Willoughby Veterinary Hospital Newsletter, January 2010

"Looks great!!!"

Shirley Andrews, Victoria


"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the newsletter. There are always new things that I learn from it each time and a good laugh as well as a touching moment. So once again, thanks."

 Peter Niemandt, Canterbury Vet Clinic, Victoria


Dear Writer of the Petpack newsletter

I thought I would let you know that I always look forward to this newsletter,- not because I live alone and really should get out more often, but rather because it puts my pets in the front of mind. The articles are interesting, tips are good, and shows me how passionate you are about my hairy two (dogs that is) So thanks a million

PS: I think my Aussie terrier is a nut...don't know if I would put it down to dementia, but rather just when it is dinner time.




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