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Each month Dr James will be posting about ways to use online resources to increase your profitability.

Vets' learning curve steep with online marketing

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Last month I ran a national roadshow about online marketing. Working with AVAPM and Bayer, we had a seminar in every capital city with a room full of vet clinic team members. The topic was how to get online marketing working for the clinic and the audience was keen to learn and hungry for more.

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The power of email - use it to grow your business

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With all the press that social media is getting, you could conclude that email is losing its way. A multitude of studies have shown this not to be the case. In fact email is the number one online tool for selling by a long shot. For vets, this means it's the best tool for helping clients look after their animal better. 

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What do Siri and a senior McDonald's executive have in common?

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Have you wondered whether Facebook is worth it?


Have you wondered about the value of having a Facebook page? If you're like me, you probably have. Facebook is attractive because it can talk to existing clients and potentially lots of new clients. But knowing what impact it has on your business is hard.

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If they're knocking, open the door and let them in

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Once you have your phone call tracking system in place, the next thing you'll want to do is increase the volume of phone calls. There are two ways to do this: increase site traffic, and get a bigger percentage of those that visit your site to call (this is called "conversion"). Let's look at the latter - it's easier.

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