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Each month Dr James will be posting about ways to use online resources to increase your profitability.

What is Yellow Pages really costing you?


There's a new Yellow Pages ad out - it talks about how great Yellow Pages is for local business - and the subject is a vet clinic in Melbourne (see below for the link). It's worth noting that the ad does not mention any performance stats. In this blog, Mark Brown (our AdWords expert) and I discuss performance - and how to assess your online ads - whether they be from Yellow Pages, Reach Local or Pet Pack. 

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Google Analytics (GA) is the world's leading tool for measuring website traffic - it's like a stethscope for websites - allowing you to "listen" to what's going on with your site and with the appropriate expertise, assess the site performance. Without this tool, you are flying blind.

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As you may have read or heard over the weekend, Facebook has launched the ability for people to ‘Hashtag’. For those who haven’t heard of this action before, a Hashtag is a word or phrase that is prefixed with the # symbol. Many social media streams have been using this action to label particular groups and topics for quite a while now. The most common places to find them are on Twitter and Instagram. 

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AVA Cairns - what we learnt


The theme of the conference was "Into the Future" and we were exposed to some wonderful ideas and trends during the week. There were terrific speakers across a range of topics, the most famous and dramatic was Temple Grandin - she was excellent. But for this piece, I'm going to focus on another - Craig Rispin, futurist, who gave the opening plenary on Sunday afternoon in Cairns.

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facebook fan engagement1

Ok so your clinic has a Facebook page with a decent following, and you are spending a fair amount of time generating posts for the page, however you can't seem to get the pet owners to talk to your posts and engage with them. Here are some reasons why this could be the case and how you can turn those poor performing posts into active and highly engaging posts, keeping your clinic the pet owners only choice when it comes to the care of their pet.

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