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Each month Dr James will be posting about ways to use online resources to increase your profitability.

Three magic numbers

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In recent weeks I've had several people ask me whether it's worth pursuing the different online marketing services they've been using. They were concerned, in the light of what we've been talking about recently, that they may be paying too much for too little results.

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1st thing to do - track your phone calls

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I've been talking over the last couple of weeks about the comparison between Pet Pack VetLab tested sites and the average vet clinic site. We are able to measure the difference today because one of the first things we implemented was a reliable call tracking service on the websites. This is the key to any measurement - here's why:

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Get 4 times the phone calls from your website

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A Pet Pack VetLab tested website will generate 4 times the phone calls of a normal vet clinic website. See this table for an explanation:

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Notes from October Yellow Pages Webinar


Great webinar everyone, thanks for your excellent input and feedback. Here are the main points:

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Dogstar Foundation needs your help!

Fee dogStar

Dear James and the Vets!

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