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Each month Dr James will be posting about ways to use online resources to increase your profitability.

How to measure phone calls

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Have you come to the conclusion that your website's job is to generate phone calls? If you think it has another job, I'd be interested to know what that is - and to know how you'll measure it. For most vet clinics, there is no other more direct way to generate business from a website than by a phone call. Other outcomes may apply to other businesses - Amazon for instance wants a sale online. But not vets - phone calls are what's needed.

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Did you decide what you want your website to do?

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If you want your website to be a useful tool for business, you need to decide what you want your website to do. Last week I put this question to you and included some of the answers vets have given me recently. This is probably the most important decision you'll make when it comes to your online marketing. There are 3 Steps to follow: 

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What do you want your website to do?


As the story unfolds, our next step is how you look online and how that influences your business. Kings and Queens make an effort to appear regal in order to convey a clear message to their subjects - it's the way they dress, move, speak and relate to others. To be the leader in animal health care the same principles apply - rather than a crown and a sceptre, you need to display something similar, something special... but what is it? 

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Are you wearing the Emperor's new clothes?


When pet owners search for you online, do you really look as good as you think? There's an old story about an Emperor... 

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Your biggest competition is not your neighbouring vet


Happy New Year. This month we're looking at your competition - is it really your colleagues down the road?

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